All lyrics, excerpts, chapters © Paul Churchill

Taken from his notes and song books.

Tales of an Itinerant Troubadour

Just another street cowboy
With a thousand dirty riffs
Guitar man

Sitting around, watching the sky
Feeling happy, sweet as pie

Unknown, no title
Traffic lights shimmer
Beneath ozone glimmer
Radio sulphate
Tunes, 24 hours
Pirate radio
Across nuclear airwaves
Summer in Suburbia

Late September couldnt quite remember
The time or hour or you my wild flower

Indian Summer

Falling Down On Me

Povertys a state of mind
Inflicted by the rich
Lifes so sweet baby
Its just money thats a bitch

I can hear the angels singing
I can touch the stars they're laughing
I can see the rain its falling

Falling down on me

I have no bread just cake
I need love to exist
Twenty years on the city streets
Twenty more to resist

The empty eyes of those who died
No entry no reply
Temperatures rising body hurting
Its time, time to fly

Mary Joe

It seems like ages
Felt like a thousand years
She was a princess, an angel of duress
She was a countess, a perfect fantasy
In the darkness she would come to me
Singing soothe away the heartache, forget the misery
And when the pain would rise to take our very life
She would kneel beside with kind heart and sharpened knife

Oh Mary Joe
How the wild wind she blows

On a winters night when we were starved of light
She would sing the rebel songs
And how I would rejoice to hear her voice
And find peace at last
And when our bones are old, our loins no fruit will hold
I will gladly walk the black lands
For I know harmony and I know melody
So I shall sleep the true sleep at last

Next To Me

I come cheap, in fact I'm free
I'll try anything to get you next to me
Ill try love, Ill try money
Ill try my luck, you're good for my vanity

You're all I want
You're all I need
So dont bite, the hand that feeds
Next to me

Feeling good, feeling fine
Come drink with me, this sweet french wine
So take a seat, sit right down
Welcome to the lost and found

I might seem cynical, but I've a heart of gold
It might seem clinical, a little too cold
But youve got to understand you've got to see
Live hard baby, you die free

Just a Fool

I was running so fast I could not see
I was running so fast I hit the big oak tree
She said boy you'd better sort yourself out
Otherwise youll be falling off the roundabout

Well I went looking for the seven veils
Sent my love in the morning mail
I went up on the seven hills
Seven days later I took my pills

The nights they come around too soon
Cant cure the madness under the silvery moon
So I got a gun and shot myself
Im a firm believer in private health

Cant Stand This Place

I cant stand this place anymore
Cant stand this place when I'm feeling down

I stooped to the floor, picked up my halo
Had another drink walked out the door
Work all the hours god sends
Aint comin back, wont pretend

Dictate my letters in French
I'm a realist, gonna survive
As I stumble out those factory gates
Nearly broken but still alive

When I get home cant face the situation
Four walls and a lover dont love me anymore
Shes cold and conditioned, I cant find the exit, I cant find the door

A Gentleman's Blues

I am a gentleman, this you might not see
I come from high breeding aristocracy
Now what you look at is a man dressed in rags
All his worldly possessions in a plastic bag
I've lived the high life, caviar and cocaine
Now I've hit the pits Im not one to complain

I was a rich man, now I'm a poor man
I was a gentleman now I'm a thief

I played the stock market, the stock exchange
Now I roam the countrys open range
I played the casinos with princes and kings
Now I'm on English soil listen to the blackbirds sing
Once I l lay on silken sheets, Paris, Bucharest, Bahrain
Had me a million dollars, and a villa in Spain

Fire Horse

Hoof beat, war beast
Fleet horse, shadow dance
Apache brave
Moon clown
Rich drown, river red
Witch cast
Guilty fled
Kings men, lions den
Sword is sharp
In the devils bed

Aint Gonna Cry

I picked myself up off the ground
Picked myself up shook myself down
Looked into the mirror felt better already
Got dressed took myself into town
Gained a smile lost a frown

They say your face launched a thousand ships
More like a thousand tears
Falling like rain for the broken hearted
I got a feeling you carry a list
Of all the men and all your conquests
All the ones you desire the most

If I had just one wish
I wish I could have done what you did to me
I wish I'd never seen your face

Now I no longer want to touch you
Dont want to hold you in my arms
Aint gonna fall for your subtle charms
Ive broadened my horizons
Looking for a different shore
Fell down but I crawled up off the floor

On a Wing and a Prayer

The rain it fell softly on the ground
I check my pockets there's no money to be found
I look in the distance waiting for my friends
They're just like me, the reason and hope to defend

So we'll keep on fighting
Cause we've nothing else we can do
We'll keep on praying
Hoping our faith will bring us through
On a wing and a prayer, you know our love will take us there

We worked the factorys, we worked the fields
We bent their metal, we made their keels
We took their money, we took what we could steal

It's gonna take us there
Might take a long time

Star (The Subliminal Hum of Modern Day Living)

Dream my dreams every night
Dream them every day
Pull back the curtains on a winters morn
And its still just cold and grey
Throw on some clothes, kick the TV
Try to start my fucked up car
Why did my mother whisper in my ear
One day you'll be a star

Traffic lights show red, so I think of God
Though I'd rather be in a warm bed
Then ten minutes later Ill be working with someone
Who I'd rather see dead

Fridge door shuts, lights go out
As a child starts screaming
The dog lies dreaming
Stereos blasting, chips a frying
Computers buzzing, houswifes crying
Doctors a dozing, patients a bleating
Junkies shooting, Alkies bleeding
It's just the subliminal hum of modern day living

After the Fire

Have you seen my friend
I've lost my friend
You know I loved my friend, nagasaki joe
Have you seen my friend, nagasaki joe
Hes just sitting around waiting for the world to blow
Out of his mind on cheap american rye
GI bourbon sure brings a tear to the eye
And he said, I'll meet you after the fire
I'll meet you after flood
I'll meet you after the fire
I said please lord, dont let me be misunderstood
Have you seen my friend vietcong Harry
Hes very found of the yankee money
Hes got connections with italian families
Cuz up in the hills he makes the junkie honey
And he said, I'll meet you after the fire
I'll meet you after the flood
I'll meet you after the fire
I said please lord, dont let me be misunderstood
Here comes our main man
Here comes the pope
To sell his crucifixes
Supply his dope
Gonna take a look at the boardwalk in atlantic city
They tell me new georgia seems like the place to be
Gonna take nagasaki joe and vietcong harry
Gonna celebrate the end of the world have us a party
I'll meet you after the fire
I'll meet you after the flood
I'll meet you after the fire
I said please lord, dont let me be misunderstood

Suburban Frankenstein

Insipid, transfixed
I howl at the moon
Morning glory, faded twilight
Too much too soon

Another day
Its the modern way
White kleenex relax
Suburban Frankenstein
My dear

Lower the veil
Casear hail
Respect no man
Lost in your supermarket lust

The History of the Gentlemen

"With all the panache of an exploding supernova"

(as documented by Paul in song books, but his diaries reveal this just scratches the surface of his writing. many pieces had no titles)

Chapter 1 1983 - Remember Me
Chapter 2 1984 - Dear Lord, Where Were You Baby?, Mon Cheri, Judgement Day, Money Come in Rent Go Out, A Gentlemans Blues
Chapter 3 1985 - Mona Blue, I, Prostitute, On a Wing and a Prayer, Shes Mine,  A Love Thats Blind
Chapter 4 1986 -  You Were Too Good For Me, Sex Police, Sealed With a Kiss,
Chapter 5 1987 - Jimmy Glass, Like You Did Before, I Cant Stand This Place
Chapter 6 1988 - Just a Fool, Like a New Suit, Before the Summer Comes, A Condition of Madness (Mary Joe), Next to Me, Falling Down
Chapter 7 1989 - The Last Train From Bangkok, Postcard From Hell, It Doesnt Really Matter, Go West Young Man, Had to Tell Somebody, Rage Hard, Sweet Lorraine, Salamander the Snake, Indian Summer, Love has Cast Its Spell, How's Love gonna Find Me, You Stole My Heart
Chapter 8 1990 - Its a Mystery (Cheap Side Store Misery), Right By My Side, Broken Love, Living in the City, Destroy Yourself, Tale From the Midnight Sun, Sinful Man, Spike, Only My Lovers Left Alive, Whos Next, Let He Who has Sinned
Chapter 9 1991 - Just Another Day, I Got Somebody, Dead Things, Running to Mother, Death, Rattle, Shake, Angel Obscene, The Sickness (Sad Bastard)
Chapter 10 1992 - Learning to Live Together, Father, Lead Me From Paradise, Guardian Angel, Better Men Than I, Guitar Man, After the Fire, One of a Kind
Chapter 11 1993 Somewhere in Africa, Where the Buffalo Roam,
Chapter 12 1994 - The Fragile One
Chapter 14 1996 617, Return of the Stranger, Boring Old Junkie Storys
, Walking In The Shadow, The Drowning Man and Downer King, Machinoix, Silver and Gold (angel), Salt and Blood
Chapter 15 1997 A Poor Mans Hands, Indigo Girls, Cheap Suits, Multi-National Motherfucker, The Drowning Man and the Downer King, Ode to a Black Man, Psalm 23 Walking in the Valley, Dark Eyed Sympathy, Dont Shed no Tears, The Long Riders, Finery and Fleas, Sex and War
, Jonny Winter Illustrated Man

He didnt document the chapters like this after 97, but did continue writing, I may try and make sense of the books and reams of paper and complete the chapters, here's a few bits tho

Summer 99 -
Oh Happy Morning, N'ajafe N'Gai (The House of God), Chains, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Summer in Suburbia
Sometime later - Subliminal Hum of Modern Day Living, In Golden Temples, Rock and Roll Mantra, Proud Mary, Sixteen Tons, Cigarettes and Whisky, If, One Wise Woman: Two Wise Me, How Many Miles to Babylon, A Little Glimpse, The Swagger, Fire Horse, From Cinder to Spark,
A Few Things Paul Was Working on Recently (In addition to University Work)
Hesitation Cut, Suit of Bones, The Approximate Man, Ozone and Gabriel, Remember When We Had an Umbrella for Two


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