Lament for Paul

(to House of the Rising Sun) by Diana E Tonkinson (Auntie Di) © 19/6/10

As read by Auntie Di at Paul's service; Plympton St Maurice Church 29/6/10

No sun may shine on Paul again

The guy whom once we knew;

We'll share again his grief and pain

And laugh at things he'd do.

      Farewell, farewell is his death knell,

      On trumpet and on string,

      And raw guitar for fallen star

      To honour him we bring.

And those who here have loved and lost

Have known a mate unique;

Without his quirky take on life

Our future seems so bleak.

      Farewell, farewell is his death knell

      For warrior on guitar,

      A mate, a son, beloved one,

      Our flawed and radiant star.

Go shine, go shine, though yet we pine:

For you there is no pain;

So yet once more we share again

Our thoughts of a guy we knew.

      Farewell, farewell, we'll hear no more

      Your teasing, ribald fun;

      Reviving all you said before,

      We'll cherish what you've done.

Arise, arise, beyond our eyes:

But share the love we bring;

For we who cared, and loved, and lost

Your tribute now may sing.

      Farewell, farewell, go Murt, go Paul,

      Go mate, beloved son;

      Go, rest you still, and stay you well,

      God speed, farewell dear Paul.


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