Fronting the Gentlemen as a live band is probably how we will most remember Murt, but below are some recordings by the band from over 20 years ago! And some more recent work including one of his other projects - De Quincey. A lot of his work is on DCC, and university work is in Protools, Ableton etc that we cant put together. However, Nik Brooks is going to finish a collaborative piece that was part of his final degree work, a William Burroughs cut up. We are also retrieving and editing some classic video footage.

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Somewhere in Africa - Fadhilli Masamati & The Murts (2009)

Somewhere in Africa - The Gentlemen May 1987

Ozone drip-featuring-nik-brooks 2009

One of a Kind The Gentlemen 1989

Next To Me- The Gentlemen 1989

Cant Stand This Place The Gentlemen 1989

Just a Fool the Gentlemen 1989

A Gentlemans Blues The Gentlemen 1987

After The Fire-1987

Sex Police-1987

Aint Gonna Cry-1987


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